Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here are a few images I like from a story I've been working on. The mother, Paola has three children. Eli is 6, and Hunter and Aiden are 5. The twins have autism and are non-verbal. This story means a lot to me and I've already been really touched by these kids and the more I get to know them the more I want to understand what they are thinking. This isn't the final edit or anything, just some pictures I like. I would really appreciate feedback so I can try different things while I still have time to. I'll post the final story edit and some multimedia when I'm finished with the story.


Emily Fox said...

these are really nice!

jacobhill said...

Nice, definitely portfolio material. Good job!

billy said...

The TV shots are f*ckin' awesome. You told almost a whole story with just those two pix . Anyone who has ever known a kid with autism or Asberger's can relate to those shots. Showing the kids' little dinks will make too many people uncomfortable. Unless really, really necessary I'd take it out. I'm surprised the mom doesn't look more exhausted. My god, that must rough for her. I would consider leaving the story in black in white. Autistic kids live in their own wolrd. Leaving it in B&W might suggest that their perception of their surroundings is different from the (color) world the rest of us live in. Yes, portfolio material.