Monday, March 29, 2010

Wax Museum Outtake

An outtake from the wax museum.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Portrait series

For my Picture Stories Class we were assigned to shoot a portrait series about anything we want! I decided to photograph some of the people who work at the kitchy businesses. I shot with my 5D through the viewfinder of a Rolleiflex and this is the result. The captions are the name of the person in the photograph and how long they have worked at the featured business.

Shay Albaz, 1 week.

Janie Ragle, 2 weeks.

Carma Odele, 2 years.

Sonia Manley, 7 years.

Chris Holder, 5 years.

Mir Sahidur, 6 years.

Tony Frogge, 7 years.

James Rose, 2 years.


I went to a softball game at Franklin-Simpson High School, they won 5-3 against Todd County.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break 2010

I spent my spring break in and around Letcher County, Kentucky. I participated in the Appalachian Cultural Project. I focused on documenting the daily life of Kelli and her beautiful and smart girls, Deladis and Ivy. It was a really neat experience to get to know Kelli and her girls, and to spend time deep in the mountains where all I could hear was the creek and all I could see was the big sky and mountains. I learned so much from her, and I can only hope she and her family enjoy the images I made. The following photos are my final story edit from the week. There are many other images I wish could have made it in but with the help from my coach, Brett Marshall I think we made a nice, tight edit.


Deladis Rose, 4 and Ivy Pearl, 1, sing along with their mother, Kelli during school. Kelli spends several hours a day teaching her children using the Waldorf Method of home schooling. This method emphasizes Imagination and good citizenship over Academics.

Kelli reads The Tale of Peter Rabbit to Ivy and Deladis. Kelli said she home schools because, “The county schools aren’t where they need to be right now.” She isn’t sure if she will ever send the girls to public school, “If the time comes and they need to go, I’ll consider it”, Kelli said.

Deladis watches a yoga video for pregnant mothers while Ivy sucks her fingers on the couch, while Kelli makes a snack in the kitchen. Kelli never gave the girls access to plastic pacifiers as babies, “They might learn to prefer the plastic over the nipple which would be a problem.” Kelli advocates breast feeding until the children decide it’s time to quit.

Deladis teases Lars the dog with a chicken nugget as Ivy climbs the stairs to the back porch.

The girls play in the creek that runs behind their house.

Since the family lives in such a secluded area Kelli trusts the girls to play around the property. Usually she stands and watches from the porch, or she keeps the door open as she cooks or cleans. On nice days the girls spend almost all day outside.

Kelli dresses Ivy before running into town to pick up mail and go to the library. Kelli goes to the library about once a week to get books about home schooling, natural birth and childrens books.

Deladis makes a face while getting her hair brushed. Kelli bathes the girls about once every three days to prevent their skin and hair from getting too dry.

The whole family prays before breakfast.

Deladis plays with Ivy's hair in the cabin. Reflected in the window is a mountain.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I'm spending the week in Whitesburg, Ky. I am a participant in the Appalachian Cultural Project. I'll try to update this every day during my stay in this beautiful town, but don't forget to check out the website:

A few singles from the main story I'm working on while I'm here.