Sunday, August 3, 2008

The first two are from a visit to Three Chimneys Farm. The last two need some explaining.. My family is from Bagdad/Shelbyville, Kentucky. The first photo of the footprint in the brick was taken in my grandparent's house in Shelbyville (about 30 minutes away from Louisville). So the brick was being made for a relatives house many years ago and one of the little boys who was around stuck his foot in the brick. Then my grandmother somehow had it and has kept it all these years. It's one of my favorite things in my grandparent's house!

The last photo is of a gravestone in the Bagdad Cemetery. So, my great great grandfather called Daddy Jim shot off his leg while trying to jump a fence. To help him get around he had a solid wood leg that attached with a leather cuff around his thigh. Then from there he wore a thick leather strap over his shoulder to keep it in place. Needless to say this fake leg was a pretty big part of his life. The point is that when he died the family thought it was important to commemorate his leg and had this concrete tree limb placed over where they buried the leg. Weird huh?